How Can I Help?


Drawing on my extensive experience of working with clients large and small and my interactions with grant-makers and philanthropic funders I can provide tailored advice and guidance on:

  • Your grant-seeking strategy
  • Grant fitness audits – to apply or not to apply
  • Project identification and development
  • How to manage relationships with philanthropic funders
  • The importance of strong and transparent reporting
  • Building awareness and understanding of grants and the grant-seeking process in your organisation

Writing and Reviewing

Grant Writing

Grant-seeking is so much more than just the writing! Before putting pen to paper, I ask you key background questions to understand the bigger picture, so I can give you value-added advice and tips to optimise your chances of success.

  • Assessing the eligibility and suitability of your project
  • Grant-writing and report-writing based on an agreed brief
  • Collating further information where required
  • Editing and proof-reading
  • Creating templates and standard grant information documents for your organisation

Grant Reviews

Investing in a review of a grant application you have written will pay dividends; it not only maximises your chance of success but also builds your skills. Reviews include:

  • Checking the eligibility and suitability of your project
  • Assessing how well your proposal addresses the questions and key criteria
  • Highlighting inaccuracies, inconsistencies or gaps in information and data
  • Re-writing sections that can be strengthened or made more compelling
  • Checking grammar, punctuation and word counts
  • Feedback summary

Mentoring, Training & Coaching

Mentoring and Coaching

Grant-seeking is highly competitive. Equipping yourself with the tools for success through personalised mentoring and coaching is one of the best investments you can make. Working closely as a partnership, we’ll develop an action plan to address problem issues, build your skills, confidence and capability.

One on one support to:

  • Build your skills if you are new to grant-seeking
  • Identify strengths and any skills gaps or areas where you lack confidence
  • Refresh and reboot your skills if you are experienced

Navigate Internal Challenges:

  •  Are you struggling with unrealistic KPIs and timelines?
  •  Is there a lack of understanding around grants and the grants process in your organisation?
  • Is there a tendency towards being funding-led or developing projects on the fly?


How can you make your organisation and grant applications stand out from the crowd? The stronger your processes and skills, the higher your chance of grants success. Investing in developing capabilities and skills is an investment in helping to deliver your organisation’s mission, goals and outcomes.

Tailored learning is available in these areas :

  • Grant-seeking – an introduction: the who, why and what: key players and types of funding available
  • The fine print – researching grant-makers, their criteria and guidelines
  • Planning and Strategy – preparing the groundwork, articulating the need, taking a whole-of-organisation approach
  • Effectiveness – tracking and measuring the outcomes of your project?
  • The writing – relevance, accuracy, content, style tips and tricks
  • Telling your organisation’s story – your history, achievements, point of difference, key projects and beneficiaries, funding and strategic aims
  • Building, maintaining and nurturing relationships with funders
  • The pipeline – tracking your grants from start to finish – from project development through to application submission and reporting
Contact me to discuss the right package for you to explore areas where you most need support.